26 November 2010

Won't take NO for an answer :)

Back on November 12th, when I had dinner with my hubby, a customer called. Before that call, she was first send me text message couples of time. Also send email on Facebook. She was surely a keukeuh kind of customer, she won't take NO for an answer :p
Her name is Ms. Dessy Natalia Untono, mom of KEN the going-to-be-3-years-old boy. She wanted my polo tee with baby animal patterns as her boy b'day goody bag.

Why at first I must say NO to her? 'cos she contacted me on Nov 12th, and requested those polo tees to be ready on Nov 27th (less than 9 working days). And at that time, she still has not collected the names of each of the kids she wanted to invite. Aiyoooo Ms. Dessy (T_T).

But yes, I finally took her request order, and these are the pictures of those tees. I just captured them with my Blackberry, can't ask my hubby to do a product photo shoot due to this time concern.

K is for ..........

K.E.N (^_^)

And these are some of the polo tees for 3 years old kids with name more than 6 letters (I must embroidered them in slightly different way 'cos the space was to small to do my typical-colorful-letters :O)

Now, why did I say YES to Ms. Dessy finally? Simply because she has the magic words "My boy and I are fans of Pilo-pilo, .............." I can't recall what she said next, but those words -repeat- "My boy and I are fans of pilo-pilo" are more than enough for me to say YES-okay-yes-okay (^_*).

Happy 3rd birthday to handsome boy "KEN". Pilo-pilo wish you laughter and happiness every second of every day till forever. Kiss and Hug.

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