22 November 2010

My Melody Set of 3

Hello... I'm back... miss me? NO lah! I just posted something here on my blog days ago. I'm not going anywhere. hehehe.

Today I feel lucky. How so? I just realized that now some of my customers keep ordering the same pattern I made to be embroidered in different goody. It means I don't need to think of a new pattern every day hahaha. Kinda run out of idea lately, dunno why.

I remember got an order from mommy Ratna Melinda to her girl "Celine", she ordered a denim tote bag, a cushion and a towel with My Melody pattern on each of it. I didn't take the picture of her order but they were exactly look like the pictures shown here.

This is Celine's tote bag look like.

And this is her cushion look like.

And of course this is her towel look like.

Hehehe, I am totally totally run out of ideas ... so sorry mommies.... gonna have more goodies and design next year, I promise you (^_^).

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