18 November 2010

Papi & Mami Love Evan & Kevin

Weeks ago, I got a message from my cousin Santy, apparently she just checked my album on FB and fell in love to almost all of my stuffs *BIG grin*
I bet when she placed her order, she did that with one hand browsing my album, and the other hand typing the order thru her Blackberry messenger. I screamed: wooow darling ... slow down!!! (^_^). I got 40 pcs order in 5 minutes from her, and those mix stuffs she ordered are for her boys Evan (2 y.o) and Kevin (7 months) only. Tttssskk tsssk, this was the biggest order I got for personal used so far.
The picture here is all the finished stuffs she ordered (combination of polo tee, t-shirts, bathrobes, towels, and denim bags). I needed the help of 6 hands to make a tower of Santy's order and surely we had fun in making this picture hahaha.

She also requested pillow & bolster case 'cos she likes the one that I made for my girls. I said yeah why not take a special request for a special cousin (^_*). I did this without make a pattern first, just draw directly to the fabric. Cut-embroidered-sewn. Now, that she likes the end result and order for more, I can't remember the exact measurement to remake them. Aiyooo.
Bellow is the picture of the pillow cases. Hope the boys love my robots.

And here is the picture of the bolster cases. Very simple right, so sorry boys but autie Filan is run out of idea. hehehe.

Santy, just like any mommy in the world loves her kids with all her heart. I remember read her BBM status, she wrote: "Mami pe jantong for Evan & Kevin" translate to English: Mommy's heart is only for Evan & Kevin. Aaaah how sweet.

This last picture of Elmo towel is to wrap it up. "Papi & Mami Love Evan & Kevin".

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