09 November 2010

My yellow baby giraffe

I've got an order to make a towel with my yellow baby giraffe embroidered on it. I now declared that this giraffe is the most wanted pattern chose by all moms (^_^).

Last year, I embroidered this exact giraffe to my Sydney's school bag. That was the first time I use this pattern.

This year, I've got order from mommy Linda to make a cushion to her baby boy "Kaeden" with 'again' yellow giraffe embroidered on it. You can see the picture here.

And now, fresh from the oven, please welcome: my very same yellow baby giraffe embroidered on a towel for mommy Astrid's boy "Xander".

Really really hope that my other customers not get bored seeing this cute giraffe. 'Cos it's not feel good when somebody see your new creation and say "ityu lagi ityuu lagiiiiii, bosyyaaan atyyuuh neng!!!"

1 comment:

  1. gua sih ga bosen2, apalagi kalo di bawahnya ditulis "circus giraffe" hehehehe....