30 November 2010

Super Duffy .....!!!

Daphne Louise Gandakusuma a.k.a Duffy is our dear friend Ms. Daniella Tjahjanto's 2 years old daughter. Isn't she super adorable? If you think Duffy is super pretty, wait until you see her mom. If you think, Daniella is super blessed to have a cute girl like Duffy as her daughter, well mommies, just an info, she has three more at her house. Superb huh!!! (^_^)

The photos shown here are taken from Daniella's photo album "Hoping for No Pain, No Sadness, No Anger, NOVEMBER"
Super BIG thanks to her for taking these great photos of Duffy with pilo-pilo's products.

Here's Duffy with her garden cushion.

And here's Duffy with her bunny amigurumi.

Again, SUPERB huh?

Lastly, I quote this from Daniella's photo about Duffy "Everything in life I share, except of course my Ratty bear (Duffy's favorite stuffed animal doll) ... and my Dora ... and my Elmo ... and my candies ... and my toys ... all mine mine mine!!! (^_^)

Duffy, we super love youuuuuuuu .... !!! *Give Duffy a super big hug and kiss*

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