01 December 2010

Sweet December

I always love December, but hey...who doesn't? This month my 'other kid' pilo pilo is turning two (^_^). I still couldn't believe this hobby of mine can turn into something. I just love doing this, and everything else is like abundant bonus of joy from God to me. Can't stop give thanks to Him in every breath I take.

A quotation I took from Confucius says "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". So true right? I remember reading this exact quotation which were also used by a well known marketer Kafi Karunia on his blog, there he gave an example: tukang pembersih kaca gedung pencakar langit yang menghayati pekerjaannya sampe-sampe berpakaian ala Spiderman. I roared with laughter.

Well, later you'll see a few photos of my Garden cushions. Why I posted them now? Cos they were the first pattern I made back on December 2008, which design I copied from a wall lamp picture. *pssstt, please don't tell anyone (^_*).

These were the order from Ms. Susana Dewi Ratih for her girls: Nadine, Gaby and Amanda. First picture was the cushions in progress.

Second picture was the back of each cushions (three different color for her three girls).

And this last picture was the end result.

Again, why I posted them again and again? 'Cos I have to admit I am a big fan of this pattern. Truly in love with it. I made this garden pattern as cushion in two different shapes: rectangle sized 30*40 cm and square sized 36*36 cm, using 3 different list colors and so far been changing to 5 different fabrics to re-produce them. I embroidered it not to my cushion only but also to my denim tote bag and my towel goody.
I think it (still) will be my best (copied) pattern for years to come.

Last but not least, happy Wednesday, happy 1st of December and happy birthday to pilo pilo hip hip hooray (^_^). Always remember mommies, happiness is the best face lift. So be happy all the time. Kampaaayyy !!!!

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