10 December 2010

Cute VS Cute-NOT Amigurumi

Since I started selling Amigurumi on my Facebook OS, my friends asked if we made our own pattern. Well, the answer is NO. All the Amigurumi's pattern are from e-books that I bought online. I have like 50 e-books now and really have fun choosing which one to make.

This is the example of the Bunny-Amigurumi-well-made. We now remake this bunny on our second batch.

You can find the pattern of this exact bunny in this book. I can't tell you what's the title of it 'cos its all in Japanese. Yup, all 96 pages of them using Japanese characters. Hehehe. But if you know how to crochet, I am sure you will have no problem reading the pattern.

This is the second e-book that I like. Again, can't tell you what the title is :p
When I first saw the penguin, I knew I wanted it. And this penguin was listed on my first batch.

The end result of it was not as great as I expected. The black yarn was too dark, it made the white one looked like kelunturan... hahaha what is luntur in English? (Thanks God I'm writing for my own blog, not for Harvard Business Journal, so people will understand if I make grammar mistakes here and there, many typo, using the same words over and over again, or worst, I write like a primary student :p ... Ah, what can I say, English is not my first language, so I am allowed to make mistakes, right? RIGHT? hahaha another excuses :p)

Anyway, here is the picture of the Penguin-amigurumi-not-well-made.

This is the first time I upload those penguins picture, 'cos I don't plan to sell them. Why there are 3 of them? Well, first attempt: not good, tried again! Second attempt: still not good, tried again! Third attempt: still -still- not good! Yup, okay thats it. I'll try again next time when I can figure out different way of doing it. Still penasaran you know. Hehehehehe. (Note: if there will be next time, for sure we'll change the yellow yarn, how come we just realize now that the original penguin Amigurumi has orange feet and moncong? :p)