11 December 2010

Cool Grandpa of Evan & Kevin

Remember my cousin Santy? Mom of Evan and Kevin? Yeah, today post is about them. Before I share you more story about Evan and Kevin, here I post great pictures of their Grandpa, the jet skier.

If I tell you this man is in his 40-ies, you would probably believe me, 'cos he looks so much younger than his age, but mind you, Uncle H is my Dad's youngest brother and my Popsie is 70 y.o so their age difference couldn't be that much (^_*). Here is Uncle H with matching orange-color-jet-ski-suit and orange jet ski. Original title of this photo is "Cover Boy Danau Tondano" d(^___^)b

I got all Uncle H pictures from Andy's album, Andy is Santy's hubby. There are so many great pictures in it, it made me difficult to choose which one to post. Here's another picture of him with matching blue-color-jet-ski-suit and blue jet ski :p

And again this is my Uncle H (original title of this photo is "Akung -Grandpa- in action"), with again matching black-color-jet-ski-suit and black jet ski. I begin to think that he bought those jets ski based on the color of his jet ski clothing and not on the way round. Hahahaha.

Another jet skier picture. This is Santy, proud mom of Evan and Kevin. I heard that Uncle H has 3 jets ski, one for him, one for Santy, and the other one for Lina (Santy's younger sister). Ckckck, they really love that sport #ancungin-empat-jempol

So, what those great pictures have to do here on my blog. Well, next pictures will explain.

These are Evan and Kevin a.k.a cute sons of Santy a.k.a grandsons of Uncle H, with my monkey towels, just after bath-time (^_*). That's it. The End. Hehehehehe. Top-Markotob.


  1. asik d akung H-Mama Evan dan Kevin ngetoppp....hi3...siap2 dapet orderan iklan yo..

  2. hahahaha Anne, kl foto your Benn Ando dikirim ke cc pasti di critain juga disini, bisa panjang critanya kan bisa disambung2in ke Tadao Ando.