09 December 2010

New Amigurumi Sneak Peek

Our first batch of Amigurumi are officially out. We already started to make a new batch since late October, but I doubt they will finish very soon.
My stress level is increasing daily 'cos some of my customers who are Amigurumi fans keep asking when will those cutie ready?

Here I post the picture of some of the Amigurumi in progress.

From left to right: faceless Chi Chai Monchan (Sanrio's pink monkey), Bunny with new-not-so-good-color-combination dress (for this Bunny, I think I'm going to stick with her previous dress color), faceless big headed boy turtle, and new long legs monkey. I have a good feeling that this long legs monkey will be my new best seller, hehehehe ..... and for that reason I am now making ... eehhm ..... Nah, I am not gonna tell you now. Just you wait, mommies.


  1. Justru saya bilang yang no 2 dari kiri bagus sis panduan warnanya (kepo mode on)..bilaa sis Landy berbaik hati kasi sedikit aja bocoran gambar (sedikit ajaaa) yang HK, hehehe =D

  2. Hahaha thanks yen.Lucu juga yah? tapi udah terlanjur gak diperbanyak, jd cuman 1 diatas itu aja yg warna warni gitu.

    btw, HK? bocoran? gak aaah! hehehehe