12 December 2010

Colorful Mini Birds Amigurumi

The picture above is from one of my Amigurumi e-book collections. (Again) not sure what the title of the book is, but I know its on page 13. Hehehehe.

These are the birds we made using the pattern from that e-book.

For those who have seen my album on Facebook, probably notice that these birds were not there. Yeah, they are not for sale. Why? 'cos they are part of our amigurumi-not-well-made. Just like those penguins on my previous post. So, what's wrong with those birds? Well, nothing. I just don't like the end result. I can't explain my expression in English, but in Bahasa Indonesia kurang lebihnya gini: Gak nendang, kurang nonjok, kurang gigit, kurang asoy, kurang maknyus #apaan-siiih???

Hehe, anyway again that photo was taken by me, and the focus of the picture supposed to be on the green bird, not those 3 on the background. Didn't I tell you before that I am not a professional photographer? :D

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