17 December 2010

The Making of Preston's Bear

Lovely chubby Preston will turn 3 on January 2nd, 2011. His mommy 'Ms. Susi Firmanto' already confirmed her order since October. Yup, thats sound like my dear return customer Susi (^_^).

As usual, customer whose request orders were receipt 2-3 months in advance can have the benefit of choosing her own pattern. Ms. Susi requires BEAR motive, since Preston is really font of bear-stuffed-dolls.

Okay, the picture I'll show you here is my hubby drawing a bear during lunch time hahahaha. You can see the background of the picture there's ayam bakar, nasi putih, teh hangat, kecap manis, sambal, and kerupuk. Hahaha thanks hon, love you.

Okay, second picture is the next process after the new motive has been drawn. We made the pattern of the bear, then choosing the matching color combination.

Third picture is the pattern of the bear and the chosen felt fabric before we cut into small pieces.

Last picture is the first attempt of the bear embroidered in my trial fabric. We still need to add a thing or two to make it cuter.

So, what is Ms. Susi's goody order for Preston B'day? Is it my cushion? denim bag? towel? Hmmm, just you wait mommies, I'll post them very soon.

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  1. This is a message from Susi on my FB wall:
    Yesterday at 1:38pm · Like · Comment · Share
    Susi Firmanto: "Thanks Lan, the bear is sooo cute! Preston saw it and wanted to hold it. He asked me to pick it out from the computer screen *LOL*"