23 December 2010

No Holiday For Me ^^

The picture shown above is cushion-goody ordered by Ms. Jeanne Irene Christine (for her baby one month celebration) and by Ms. Meiny Chai (for her boy "Ben Nardo" 2nd B'day). All 47 cushions for Ms. Jeanne are done, and ready to deliver tomorrow (Dec 24th), while 48 cushions for Ms. Meiny still in progress and - God help- they will finish by Dec 28th, so that I can deliver them by Dec 29th.
Wow, seems like no holiday break for me, huh? (X_X)

Well, my sis and her family will arrive this afternoon here at Jakarta from Manado, and my Mam & Pap, together with my Bro and his family will join her by Dec 25th. All of them will go to China for end of year holiday, while me stuck here sewing my cushions. Hahahaha .... NO. It's not because of that :p

Anyway, I'm afraid I will not be able to write for tomorrow and the next day after that 'cos I'm planning to hide under my Mama's armpit just like a new-hatched-baby-bird hahaha... haiizz .. can't laaa ... oledy plomise ... :p

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