16 December 2010

Here kitty... kitty...

Copy-cats GO AWAY !!! That's one of the title from a blog I follow. This blog is belonged to a very talented young lady who has created so many great stuffs such as clothing, accessories, stuffed-dolls, pillows and in fact cakes and cookies from home. Her work is pretty amazing, and she got many good reviews from local magazines and female tabloids. Yup, she knows what she's doing, and she does that very well.

To read something full of anger like that, I bet she must be really upset when she wrote that. Hehehe. Been there done that. Phew!

I myself (now) feel that there's no use of getting upset from it, well, I'll be sad for awhile (for sure) but that's it. I won't waste my precious time being angry for some copy cats, 'cos there are too many out there. And nothing you can do to stop them. So, why bother?
I also experienced a (calon) customer emailed me, sent me a photo that she took from other Online Shopping, and asked me if I can make the exact goody. She said -quoted- "she (my fellow craft-friend) already quoted IDR xxx a piece, so if you can do cheaper than that then I'll order from you". Hehehe, I have a good laughed. Why? 'cos I knew who made that goody (everybody has their own trade mark right?), and I also knew her goody pricing. And its far from the price that (calon) customer mentioned on her email #ketangkep-basah-bo'ong-aauuooo!!

Well, I remember the exacts words on my replied-email. First, I said thanks for liking my goody; second, I informed that I can do the goody just like she wanted BUT I don't want to 'cos I have my own style; third, I told her that my pricing is DOUBLE than the one she mentioned; fourth, I asked her nicely if she like the exact goody, why not order directly from the one who created it 'cos she already get a very good deal. Hmmm, She didn't response back to me though hehehe.

Anyway, this is a copy-paste from a blog I just found that belongs to a lady who likes to steal -ehm I mean copy- from other, here we go: "I guess I must have good taste in art & crafts because all I do is copy other people works! SO, all of you that I have copied, congratulation!!!" #haiyaaaa

Btw, what's the photo of Koala amigurumi do here in this post. Well, I use the pattern from an e-book, so does it mean I am a copy cat, too? Hmmm, maybe yes, maybe no, I'm not sure now. Hahaha.
Well for those who want to copy my goody or my design .... here kitty kitty kitty ...... here kitty kitty !!! d(^_^)b


  1. business ethics/work ethics is expensive these days ;) 2 thumbs up for you for trying to do 'right' :)

  2. thanks dear, hehe but I believe some say i'm a dumb-dumb for not taking this opportunity, right? :p hohoho.