24 December 2010

Mr. Latte "The Tenorikuma"

Okay moms, just a lil more story about our Amigurumi .... I mentioned before that we made 7 Sanrio's character Amigurumi, right?
Please welcome, the one that finished first. Mr. Latte "the TENORIKUMA" clap... clap ... clap ... ^^

Who is it? or What are they? Ok, this is what I copied-and-pasted from Wikipedia.
"Tenorikuma (てのりくま?) (Japanese for "bears that fit in your palm") are a group of raccoons that run a coffee shop called Tenorikuma.There are 5 specific characters in all. The main "manager" is Latte, who is distinguished from the others by a red heart on his left ear. Tenorikuma is fairly new to Sanrio fans, it is not yet very famous".

Ok, maybe he is not very famous yet, but here in Pilo-pilo he already become one of my favorite raccoon.
For those moms who wanted Mr. Latte for your collection, kindly wait next year, 'cos I plan to sell all 7 of them together, and not separately. What do you think, Moms? Do you want to purchase all?? No?? Just one?? You mean only ehhmm Hello Kitty??? How about her other friends? My Melody? Keroppi? Ouuuch ... Usahana and Cinnamoroll must be really sad with your decision. Yeah, Chi Chai Monchan and Tuxedo Sam will cried out loud, too. See? Told you. Collect all okay. d(^_*)b

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