27 December 2010

Turtle Amigurumi

Remember these pair of turtle amigurumi from my first batch?

Cute right? They are all gone, and we don't plan to remake them. My friends asked me what the reason is? Well, it simply because I don't want to remake them. That's all. Hahahaha :p

We actually already plan to make new pair of turtle on the second batch. So, we will have new Amigurumi in every batch. See, interesting right? :p
These are my new pair, photo taken from the back side, so you can have a good view on their beautiful shell. Lovely ^^

And here are their cute faces.

You must be wonder why I don't publish their picture on my Facebook and start selling them. Well, here's the explanation. My nephew Lia, the one that I mentioned on my blog yesterday, the one who's temporary stay with me during holiday break, the one who has access to every room and drawer at my house and office and workshop, yup, that exact Lia, has taken all the turtles amigurumi just after those turtles are 100% finished. She took some for herself (and to her boyfriend #uhuuk-cough), and some to be given away for her BFF at Melbourne when she goes back next January.

So yes mommies, you can blame her. Hehehehe. But don't worry, I am now remake these pair, and hopefully they will be ready at the same time with my Sanrio's set amigurumi. Aaah can't wait to publish their photo and start selling them. I love to see my Ami hanging on your bags, mommies. Really appreciate your time taking picture of it, uploading them on facebook and tagging it to me. Can't explain my feeling, but seriously-totally-honestly LOVE it. Many thanks ^^


  1. they're so cute,..hmmm
    i wanna have one of them,..
    inspiring me,..thank you ^^,

  2. hai dear, thanks so so much for your nice words. ^^

  3. hello...they are beautiful!!! would you mind posting the pattern? :)

  4. si potrebbe avere lo schema di queste tartarughe? sono meravigliose.


  6. would you mind posting the pattern?