14 February 2011

Sanrio Amigurumi: Chi Chai Monchan

Happy Valentine's day to y'all. For this lovely day, I'll post our lovely pink monkey. He is our 6th Sanrio amigurumi. Please welcome "Chi Chai Monchan".

First I thought it is a girl monkey due to the pink color of its body. Well, apparently I was wrong. Hehehe :p

This is the full bio-data of Chi Chai Monchan according to Wikipedia.
Chi Chai Monchan is a fun-loving, little boy pink monkey with a whirly-curly purple tail, who likes to balance bananas on his head. Chi Chai Monchan lives on a small, tropical island in the South Seas where he spends his days climbing trees and eating bananas.

This is our Chi Chai Monchan Amigurumi.

We managed to make his curly purple tail, but we did have problem in sewing the bananas on his head. To make the small bananas amigurumi is quite difficult (*alesan-lagi-aaah), and somewhat they are in the same position with the bag hanger, so we decided not to put the bananas on his head, cos the main purpose of our amigurumi is as bag accessories and not as soft toy.
For Chi Chai Monchan's fans out there, very sorry for this. Well, you know what, I promise you if you order him, I'll give you additional 2 real Cavendish bananas as well. Haha :p

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