15 February 2011

Sanrio Amigurumi: Hello Kitty

Okay moms, here I give you our 7th Sanrio character, the one that have million of fans spread all over the world, the one that have been waiting from her fans at the day I promised we would like to make one :p, here is the famous Ms. Hello Kitty. Clap clap clap *standing ovation

I don't need to post the picture of HK as an introduction, right? 'cos who doesn't know her anyway? ^^
So, let me show you our cute Hello Kitty amigurumi, that is holding a little bear-doll. Crocheting HK itself already took sometimes, and crocheting her bear-doll? its even longer *alasan-dwweeeeh-prikitiew :p

Well, eventhought most of you already familiar with her, I bet not many know about this detail info. Here we go.

  • Name: Kitty White
  • Birthday: November 1, 1974
  • Age: 36 (as of January 2011) --> ckckck, she's older than me :p
  • Blood type: A
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Favorite food: Apple Pie (baked by Mama)
  • Favorite word: "Friendship"
  • Best Friend: Her twin sister Mimmy
  • Boy Friend: Dear Daniel (A boy hello Kitty)
  • Pet: Charmmy Kitty
  • Enemy: No, she doesn't have one
  • Description: A bright and kind-hearted girl, good at baking cookies.
  • Height: 5 Apples Tall

  • A spokesperson for Sanrio says that Hello Kitty is not normally given a mouth because "without the mouth, it is easier for the person looking at Hello Kitty to project their feelings onto the character" and that "the person can be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty."

    Wooow, what a super star quality ^^. Clap clap clap. #bowing at HK first creator

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