13 February 2011

Sanrio Amigurumi: Tenorikuma

Happy Sunday. Today I'll post our fifth Sanrio character. He is the first character that already finished since December last year. And I published him already back then. He is Latte the Tenorikuma. And here is the picture of Tenorikuma according to Sanrio.

Tenorikuma (てのりくま) (Japanese for "bears that fit in your palm") are a group of raccoons that run a coffee shop called Tenorikuma. There are 5 specific characters in all. The main "manager" is Latte, who is distinguished from the others by a red heart on his left ear. There are a few other main characters. Chai (yellow scarf), Frappe (green scarf), Maple (pink scarf, the only female and Latte's love interest), Mister Steam (steam clouds from hot coffee), Muddler (the one that holding a spoon) and Macchiato (blue scarf).

Here is our Tenorikuma amigurumi.

You know what, the more I read about Sanrio, the more I get amused. Who's the one who created it at the first place? how can a person be that genius and be able to create so many characters with additional friends and family, named them, decided what clothes they wear, what's their hobbies, their blood types, even made a story where and when they were born, etc. Seriously, genius. I myself even have problem named my kids (my hubby named them) haha, and worse, I can't dress them well, so if you see my girls wear the same clothes over and over again, then... yes ... that because their mommy is lack of creativity :D :D :D

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