15 March 2011

Gillian Henson's 1st B'day Bash

Remember my cute customer 'Gillian'? For her bday, her mommy 'Linda' ordered 180 pcs towels as goody bag. Well, as usual in every party that Linda held, the number of guests always more than she expected. Hehe she surely knew how to throw a party, that's why nobody wants to miss it.

This is the picture of Gillian's Bday cake. I asked permission to post this picture to my blog. Dear Linda said -quoted- "silahkaaan... monggoooo" hehehe, this is one out of hundreds picture from Gillian's Bday.

Linda has additional order for Gillian's guests who has not yet get a goody bag. I am very happy to take this order, especially at first place I forgot to take picture of the towels. hadeuh.
And this is the towel we made for dear Gillian. Photo taken with my pocket camera, 'cos dear hubby forgot to bring his SLR camera from home. hadeuh-lagi.

Hmmm, I wonder, if Linda threw a party like this 3 times a year for her 3 kids, how many presents do each of the kids have? I bet Linda must have another house just for these gifts only. Hehehe. hi-five lin ^_^

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