23 July 2011

Angry Birds T-Shirt Part 2 (The Story Continues...) :D

In my previous blog, I mentioned about our goody with the yellow ducky appliqué that got second order within 1.5 years time from the first one. *Duh, memble bisnis kalo gini hehe...

Today blog is about the one that got first order within seconds after I pressed the publish-post-button.
What is that? well, you know ... what else??? It's the famous raging avians :)

Joining their friends (the red AB and green king pig from previous work) here you can see...
The yellow turbo bird embroidered in a T-shirt

and the black bomb bird

Cute aren't they?
Still on the same day, I got order from Ms. Tien for her boy SEAN's upcoming birthday. And here you can see some of the goodies.

For more info, you can contact us at pilo.info@gmail.com
Thanks so much dear Mommies for your order. Happy Saturday and have a nice week end to all of you. See you next week. Muaachh....

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