15 December 2010

Hello Kitty

This morning we got a 'Season's Greetings Card' from Japan. Its from our dear friend Ms. Keiko Nobukiyo a.k.a Keichan. She's our lovely drinking buddy #kampaaiiiii-hic-hiiiic (^_*).
Me and hubby first met her back on mid 2002 when she studied Social Anthropology at Universitas Indonesia. She went back to Tokyo at 2003 and we still keep in touch. Every Christmas since she goes back, she send us a card, but heeiii we've never sent one back to her #muka-merah-kepala-tertunduk-malu-duhduhaaduduuh (-_-").

Keichan can speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently, and I believe she will not lose it even though she doesn't live in Jakarta anymore. Well, she is married to an Indonesian, so I might say she has a piece of Indonesia there in Tokyo hehehehe. Later you will see a photo of Mr and Mrs. Dani Muhammad. Photo taken from Keichan's album on FB.

So, why I write about Keichan here on my post under title "Hello Kitty"? Well, the photo of Keichan's card bellow will tell you why #maksa :p

Yeah, its a Hello Kitty stamp mommies... how cute is that? #Gemes-sendiri-iiiih

Wow, what a great introduction for my works related to Hello Kitty that later I will post here :D

This was my first attempt of HK: "Cushions" made for Denzel's B'day.

This was my second HK : "Bath towels" made for Tyson's B'day.

My third HK you probably already seen on my December 2nd post, its "Cushions" made for Baby Ashley. My fourth HK was "Bath Towels" made for Abigail's B'day.

And this was my latest HK (attempt no. 5) : "Denim tote bags" for Alexa's B'day. ^^

After making HK after HK, I think I started to like it more and more :p

Hmmm, I plan to bring my gals to Tokyo Disneyland very soon, just hope that I might not black out everytime I see HK and other Sanrio characters there at Hello Kitty theme park #kyaaa-kyaaaaa-jejeritan-imut-ala-karakter-cewe-di-komik2-Jepang. Hahaha. Krriiing kriiing hallo Keichan? Dani? jadi tour guide yah? boleh yah? mau yah? siiip oke oke brangkat sekarang (Hahahaha, I wish it is as simple as that :p)


  1. waaaaaaah malu bgt!!!! fotonya gede bgt!!!!!!
    Tapi yah,,,, sy senang (#^.^#) ehehe
    Filan, cara salesnya pintar bgt ya!!! Perangko Kitty-chan jd bersambung ke bisnismu. hebaaaaaat!!!!!!
    Sy jg harus belajar dari Ibu Guru Filan deh. hehehe

    iyah iyah sy jg mau Christmas card dari kalian dooooonk!!

  2. hohoho ... thanks kei udah dipuji #pipi-merona-pinky ... hehehe, nanti Christmas card nya dianterin langsung yah kei... hopefully taon depan hahaha, tunggu erin gedean dikit biar ingat ama auntie Keichan kalo ketemu. smooch smooch from Sydney and Erin to auntie Keichan.